Asian Trade Centre Publications on TPP

"Market Access for Goods in the TPP11," in conjunction with APL Logistics, May 2017.  Click here

"Fresh and Frozen Food:  Implications of the TPP11," in conjunction with Food Industry Asia, January 2017.  Click here

"Processed Food:  Implications of the TPP11," in conjunction with Food Industry Asia, January 2017. Click here

"Market Access Benefits for a TPP with 11 Participants," Working Paper. January 2017.  Click here

Working Paper: "TPP Rules for Digital Trade in Asia", November 2016, presented at "Trade in the Digital Economy" Conference in Bangkok on November 28-29, to be published by end of 2017. Click here.

"Digital Trade and the TPP:  How Asia-Pacific Benefits," August 2016.  Click here

"The TPP Benefits for Business Booklet," second edition January 2016. Click here

"How an FTA Like TPP Can Transform A Value Chain:  The Ketchup Example," June 2016.  Click here

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership:  Impact on Supply Chains," Click Here

"Initial Impressions: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)," November 2015. Click here

"Origins and Evolution of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations" Working Paper, January 2015. Click here

Additional Publications

The TPP as a Pathway to Asian Integration, 2014 Korea Dialogue on Strengthening North Pacific Cooperation, East-West Center, Hawaii, by Deborah Elms, July 25, 2014

TPP: ¿qué tiene de siglo XXI? by Deborah Elms. 2014. In Puentes, Volume 15, Number 6: Acuerdos megarregionales: gigantes en la cancha. International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development. English version available here.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Looking Ahead to Next Steps, by Deborah Elms. 2014. In the book New Directions in Asia-Pacific Economic Integration, by Ambassador Tang Guoqiang and Peter A. Petri (Editors).

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Negotiations: Some Outstanding Issues for the Final Stretch, by Deborah Elms. 2013. 

Agriculture and the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, by Deborah Elms. 2013.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: The Challenges of Unraveling the Noodle Bowl, by Deborah Elms. 2013.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership, by C. L. Lim (Author), Deborah Elms (Editor), Patrick Low (Editor). 2012.