ATC Publications on RCEP

"RCEP:  Model E-Commerce Language," December 2016.  Click here

"RCEP:  Model Language Suggestions for IP and Digital Trade," December 2016.  Click here

"RCEP:  Facilitating E-Payments," October 2016.  Click here

"Standards and Testing in RCEP", October 2016. Click here 

"RCEP:  E-Commerce Working Paper" June 2016.  Click here

"RCEP:  Proposals for Trade in Goods and Rules of Origin," June 2016, Click here

"Investment Recommendations for RCEP," June 2016, Click here

"What is RCEP?" May 2016, Click here

"Encouraging Mobile in RCEP," April 2016, Click here

"Concentrated Trade in RCEP," April 2016, Click here

"RCEP Brings New Opportunities for Gradual Agricultural Reforms in India" by Deborah Elms and Kelly Phuong Tran. 2014.  Presented at Indian Agriculture Sector Under Trade Liberalization and WTO: Issues and Challenges, Centre for WTO Studies, IIFT, New Delhi, December 11-12, 2014. Click here